The next generation of DApps begins with DEXON’s infinitely scalable, low-latency, and energy-efficient block lattice technology.


DEXON aims to become the premiere platform for developing decentralized applications or DApps. DEXON’s Turing-complete programming language allows developers to create and deploy DApps with ease, and facilitates mass adoption through its permissionless distributed ledger technology that is infinitely scalable.

DEXON – Infinitely Scalable, Low Latency Blocklattice



DEXON is built upon a novel block lattice architecture in which every node can propose blocks in parallel, resulting in an architecture that not only has rapid transaction throughput, but is also infinitely scalable.


Through its state-of-the-art total ordering algorithm, DEXON achieves sub-second transaction finality.


The DEXON consensus algorithm avoids both the environmental problem of energy-hungry ASIC mining hardware and the unfair problem of miner centralization involved in proof-of-work systems such as Bitcoin.


In the DEXON ecosystem, transactions are validated near instantly while maintaining a chronological transaction order, ensuring ultimate fairness for all participants.


DEXON’S inter-chain bridging protocol is safe and efficient making transactions between blockchain systems easy and seamless.


Popo Chen
  • Popo is a 27-year-old serial entrepreneur who earned an Electrical degree at the age of 22. At the age of 24, he founded 17 live streaming, a leading live streaming platform across Asia with more than 5M daily active users. In 3 months, 17 live streaming raised 10M USD. Angel investors got 20x return on investment within a year. In 2017, he led a successful ICO which raised more than 45,000 ETH, establishing COBINHOOD - the world’s first zero trading fee cryptocurrency exchange.
Wei-Ning Huang
  • Having worked for several years at Google, Wei-Ning specializes in building large-scale web applications with demanding throughput and availability. His passion for cryptocurrencies and deep understanding of blockchain technology comes from over 5 years of trading experience.
Yao-Wei Ou
  • Yao-Wei is the former CEO of Cepave, a company focused on CDN, distributed systems, and blockchain. He also led R&D and WiFire blockchain development for 21 Vianet Group (NASDAQ: VNET). His experience in these companies solidified his vision for the potential of distributed systems including monitoring systems, blockchain, and other related open source projects.
Hsuan Lee
Senior Front End Developer
  • Hsuan is a software engineer and blockchain researcher that has been keeping a close eye on the advancements of blockchain tech since 2015. Previously Hsuan has been the director of front end development for COBINHOOD and has extensive software development experience from his work with Yahoo, Agoda, and 17 Media.
Howard Yeh
Senior Front End Developer
  • Howard is a front end developer with a major passion for fintech, blockchain, and web technologies. He has over 6 years of experience developing social networking, multi-media, VR, and finance web services for companies like Corel, cnYES, and HTC.
Mission Liao
Senior Back End Developer
  • Mission is a software engineer dedicated to creating software that pushes society toward decentralization. In his 10+ years in the software industry he has built leading media player and security platform products for top companies like Cyberlink and TrendMicro. He also loves the open source community and philosophy to which he has himself contributed many tools of his own creation for free.
Misora Hsu
Senior Back End Developer
  • Misora is a full stack engineer and software architect with 6+ years of experience in network switching, live streaming, web applications, and cloud service development. Misora joined the DEXON team because he believes blockchain technology will soon change the world and he wants to help make this vision a reality.
Sonic Jhan
Senior Blockchain Developer
  • Sonic is a back end engineer that entered the blockchain industry after joining a start up in 2015. In just the past 3 years he has forked the bitcoin source code, developed a web wallet, and made customization to improve performance. As an outsourced developer he also built an API to abstract the underlying smart contract interaction on Ethereum for a crowd funding platform. Currently he develops blockchain related features for COBINHOOD.
Hao Chang
Senior Blockchain Developer
  • Hao began his career as an iOS developer, later becoming a back end engineer focused on multithreading server applications. As the core back end developer of the COBINHOOD cryptocurrency exchange he has been involved in system design, implementation, and building applications to integrate different kinds of blockchains.
Bojie Wu
Senior Blockchain Developer
  • Bojie has over 4 years of experience building enterprise level back end systems and payment system concatenation. Bojie excels at performance tuning, high throughput, and high-concurrency processing. His past work for the COBINHOOD cryptocurrency exchange includes the overall design of the system structure, assessment of data flow feasibility, and implementation.
PoChun Kuo
Blockchain Researcher
  • PoChun is a cryptography and post-quantum cryptography expert with 7+ years of research experience. PoChun was formerly a research assistant at Academia Sinica in Taiwan and is known for his lattice-based cryptanalysis work. Currently PoChun works as a blockchain researcher for COBINHOOD where he provides valuable experience, insights, and expertise regarding blockchain technology.
Nicky Chao
Blockchain Researcher
  • Nicky’s main research involves blockchain consensus systems, cryptography, and network security. Nicky has over 1.5 years worth of experience in cryptocurrency trading and believes that blockchain technology has great potential to disrupt the world in the near future.